Tuesday 12 October 2010


I was always rather fond of that medley of national tunes, woven together by Fritz Spiegl, that used to start the day at 5.30 every morning on Radio 4, and was sorry when it was axed. It was hardly great music, but very cheering, and the perfect marker of the switch from the wider world of the World Service back to dear old Blighty. Now it seems the then Controller, Mark Damazer, got rid of it by mistake. There is something so very BBC about this, isn't there?


  1. I see they're re-branding BBC7 as Radio 4 Extra. That seems a good idea as I keep forgetting BBC7 exists.

  2. Good for you Fluzao. I like to see a fellow get of his backside and onto his bike in the pursuit of gainful bloggery.

    You might want to continue the English classes though........

  3. Lovely poem that by Fluzao Eterno.

    And that's a great name for a poet, too.