Saturday 6 November 2010

The Perfect Razor?

Regular readers will know that I am a man forever in quest of the Perfect Razor. I have succumbed to the siren call of the space-age Azor, and returned, a sadder and a wiser man, to the five-bladed certitudes of the trusty Gillette
Fusion, but still, as I mowed away with the Fusion or from time to time switched to the lightweight Mach 3 (original version), I sensed that my life was lacking something, that I had still not found the object of my quest. Then, one day recently, happening to be in immediate need of a razor, I scanned the limited choice in a small branch of Boots and, with little thought (this was but a stopgap razor), selected a Wilkinson Sword Protector 3 (that's not me in the picture, by the way). I was immediately impressed by the weight and hand-friendly curvaceousness of the body - this was a razor with a bit of heft, something to get the hand round, and that's good to find. The blades - a mere three, but that really is enough - are nicely mounted on a floating head that rides the face's contours smoothly, and deliver a good close shave. What more could a man ask? And the beauty of it is that you can buy blades for the Protector 3 without having to take out a second mortgage - in fact, by the inflated standards of razor prices, they're cheap as chips.
Regulars will also know that I am an enemy of stubble. A man may grow a beard, if he feels he really must, or he may shave - no stubble, thank you, and no inbetween phantom beards a la Mark Thompson or Charles Clarke. However, it happened that this morning I unavoidably found myself with a two-day growth of stubble marring my features. Would the Protector 3 be up to the challenge? Gentlemen, it was - it made short work of it, without a nick or cut, and my face was soon restored to its customary smoothness. I was impressed. I do believe I have at last found it, the razor of my dreams.


  1. Which means, undoubtedly, that they will cease production. Or "improve" it so that it is unrecognizable.

    I remember my mom telling me that she knew she was old because all her favorite brands were disappearing. And now the same thing is happening to me.

  2. Could you report back in a few weeks, Nige. I'm still stinging (literally, and occasionally bleeding too) from your glowing endorsement of the Azor.

  3. I know Brit - what was I thinking of? The Azor was never to be trusted - I think I knew that in my heart of hearts - but the Protector 3 has that sturdy retroprogressive reliability that you know will never let you down. But I'll be watching it closely...
    I know just what you (and your mom) mean, Madfolly. I understand the problem is very marked in women's makeup, where the best stuff is always being summarily withdrawn for no good reason. Fingers crossed the Protector 3 survives...

  4. It would probably be of more interest to Susan over at Dabbler, but if it is heft you seek Nige, I must mention the gift one of my daughters bestowed a few years ago - a Muhle, with an ebonised wooden shaft and taking double-edged Derbys. It may have come from Trumpers, or one of those other up-market emporia in Mayfair, catering for the super rich. The blurb was something like 'a friend for life' which, I have to admit, had real luddite appeal.

  5. Wow - a friend indeed - sounds like a whole nother league of razor, that, Mahlerman...

  6. Five comments on this topic?

    Well, you know your audience!:)

  7. As a sporter of stubble I feel suitably chastened!

    It's my wife's fault as she prefers me to have a mangy proto-beard. The benefit is that I just use electric clippers to shave with, and only once a week. Very glad I can avoid the world of shaving rash, cuts and expensive blades

  8. But does your long-suffering wife not have a rash from contact with all that stubble, Worm?

  9. oddly enough no! I think its because its a little bit longer so it goes a bit softer. Or maybe she's just an extra tough teuton that feels no pain

  10. Have you tried the self-administered straight razor yet? The touch of cold steel to the throat concentrates the mind wonderfully. Dovo of Solingen make them in many grades but the plain plastic handled job for about £30 will shave you forever. It amuses me to get a shave equivalent to my son's 3 blade with a wedge of steel from Joseph Rodgers cutlers to their majesties purchased for €10 in an antique shop.

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