Monday 5 September 2011

Can Such Things Be?

There are some pieces of news that, at a stroke, undermine the solid certainties of life and shake the foundations of what you took to be a known world. This surely is one of them. Can such things be? What will we do without this perfect symbol of a job never done? Will the metaphor live on, regardless of this shattering development? I very much hope so, as it's hard to think of anything as elegant to replace it... Any ideas?


  1. Chicago's perpetually-under-reconstruction expressways are another such symbol. It's said that Chicago has two seasons - winter and construction.

  2. No more bridge daubing? as likely as Edinburgh's new tram system running tomorrow. Reminds me of one A.Wedgwood Benn's famous pronouncement "nuclear power will mean electricity so cheap it will almost be free"

  3. Progress is a fickle bitch.

    Have no idea if this applies at all, but like saying it.