Monday, 26 September 2011

News from the Infinite Monkey Cage

I've just stumbled on this story - and really don't know what to say, except that the world of science seems more and more to resemble Swift's Academy of Laputa.


  1. As you say - completely bonkers. They've too much time on their hands surely.

  2. There's more, it's thermoregulatory apparently well, why wouldn't it be.

  3. Fascinating Malty! Funnily enough looking at that picture made me yawn - it's certainly infectious, whatever it does to the brain...

  4. The story's last three paragraphs are priceless.

  5. "Also in 2003, Paignton Zoo carried out a practical test by putting a keyboard connected to a PC into the cage of six crested macaques. After a month the monkeys had produced five pages of the letter "S" and had broken the keyboard."

    If the educational system in America gets any worse, this "hands on" experiment may well be repeated ad infinitum.

  6. Indeed Barbara - in this country too...


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