Thursday 29 March 2012

The Pasty War - It Had to Happen...

Just when you thought domestic politics couldn't get any more farcical, a full-scale pasty war breaks out, with our leaders and would-be leaders competing to be seen eating the most disgusting downmarket snacks they can find, from so-called 'Cornish pasties' to cheap sausage rolls. When the mysterious rash of pasty shops started spreading across London and elsewhere a few years ago, I knew there would be trouble - and now it's come... The principal mystery of the pasty shop plague remains, though - you never see anyone in them, even in these hard times, and yet they somehow stay in business. Perhaps the 'pasty tax' is a last desperate attempt to get rid of them - if so I back it wholeheartedly...


  1. ...and don't get me started on the frozen yogurt chains. What on earth do they do during the 40+ weeks of the year when it's nowhere near hot enough to require cooling down?

  2. One of life's great mysteries is how, from it's humble Gosforth beginnings, the bakers of what must be the most disgusting range of munch-upons ever concocted have risen to the dizzy heights of Tynesides largest private employer with a balance sheet worth dying for. Metternich, Greggs German equivalent, serves up a highly acceptable range of goodies that will not rot the gut.

    It kind of sums us up really.

  3. I'm ashamed to admit that whenever I'm back in the mother country I treat myself to a wholemeal vegetable pasty from the Cornish Pasty Shop... they're quite nice!

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