Tuesday 12 June 2012


The Britain Is Great campaign - needless to say, part of the build-up to the impending London Olympics Terror - is all rather embarrassing, and proof positive that we are no longer Great. When we were, we didn't feel the need to big ourselves up - we left that kind of thing to the deluded frog-eaters over the Channel. According to the Today programme, the latest Great thing about Britain to get the treatment is our Great Design. A couple of designers were in the studio, quite rightly singing the praises of British design. It was noticeable, however, that no mention was made of the design of the London Olympics logo and associated memorabilia, all of which would seem to be the products of a primary-school project (possibly, in the case of Wenlock and Mandeville, involving mind-altering substances). Retroprogressive Susan's classic Dabbler post comparing Festival of Britain souvenirs with London 2012 tat says it all. Spot the Great British Design...


  1. Apologies -several of my recent links haven't worked, for some reason. I think I've fixed them all now though...

  2. As a writer, I'm thinking: funny how loaded that word "great" is.

    And not in a good way. Except, maybe, when we attach it to "books."