Monday 25 June 2012

Living in Hope

I am going to be away for a few days, in Derbyshire and Kent, so might not be able to blog before the weekend (though you never know...).
Perhaps I shall improve on my meagre butterfly tally (Worst Year Ever!), which was increased over the past couple of days by a single Small Heath, my first Meadow Brown of the summer, and two fresh specimens of that dark beauty,
the Ringlet (left).


  1. Just read a book, The Great Animal Orchestra, about how noise upsets animals.

    Maybe it also upsets butterflies?

  2. I played golf on sunday (don't worry, I'm not 'a golfer' - just did it to be sociable) next to a very large, flower-filled river meadow and I didn't see a single butterfly!! scary stuff

  3. I too've seen very few butterflies this year but I did see what turned out to be a Cinnabar moth for the first time.

    Where have the swifts gone? Some days I don't see a single bird here in E Sussex.

  4. anonymous - we have dozens - hundreds? of swifts above our house every evening in warwickshire...