Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Reasons to Be Cheerful. 3.

The sparrows are back! At least, they were this morning. I looked blearily out of the window at the dripping garden, and there was a fine male House Sparrow availing himself of the bird feeder with typical passerine gusto. A little later I looked out again and there were two on the feeder, and more waiting in the wings and fighting for access - maybe a party of half a dozen. This is surely a hopeful sign. I've been surprised how much I've missed the sparrows since they mysteriously disappeared - it felt like a real loss, a diminution of life's everyday richness. I hope that now they're back for good - I shall top up the feeders, scatter birdseed and breadcrumbs, and do all I can to make the garden a desirable neighbourhood for the discerning sparrow.




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