Wednesday 31 October 2012

Birthday Boy

They'll be dancing in the streets of Euroopeland today as a grateful people celebrate the birthday of the popular and charismatic Herman Von Rumpoy, President of the European Council. By sheer force of personality, the larger than life Von Rumpoy has cut through the sclerotic consensualism of the EC and bulldozed it into one tough decision after another. The power of his oratory has become legendary, thanks to such stirring utterances as his unforgettable 'We are in the early stages of a recovery and at this time it is important not to weaken burgeoning confidence and to lay the foundations of a sustainable recovery. Most important is to keep the direction. That will also provide stability and support.' The flamboyant Von Rumpoy - affectionately nicknamed Rumpy Pumpy - says he will be celebrating his birthday quietly at home, but knowing his reputation in the loucher nightclubs of Brussels, this seems unlikely. Go for it, Herman - it's your birthday! Europeland salutes you.


  1. Okay, strictly speaking it's Rompuy...

  2. Rumour has it that Angela once asked him if they could use the Ardennes again, as a shortcut.

    Funny lot, Belgians, I can't spot a Walloon from the other lot. Walloons apparently invented the saxophone. Wonder if Hermie plays, the gravytrain rag would be his signature tune.

  3. Yes, he's like a Belgian Boris, can't wait to see him on HIGNFY.