Thursday 8 August 2013


August 8th presents an opportunity to put that much-misused word  'iconic' to an appropriate use - for it was on this day in 1969 that photographer Iain MacMillan erected a step-ladder outside the Abbey Road studios and snapped the Beatles walking in single file across a zebra crossing. I've remarked before on that well-nigh miraculous ten-minute timeframe, and touched on the dreary business of the 'Death of Paul' conspiracy theories (incidentally, the number plate of that parked VW -  supposed to contain a coded clue to the death - was subsequently stolen repeatedly, and now both car and plate reside securely in a German museum). A similar but less widespread 'Death of Dylan' conspiracy  theory was sparked by the cover of John Wesley Harding - another casual snapshot that became iconic.
  Looking at Abbey Road's list of titles is a reminder that even this, perhaps the best Beatles album (certainly the best Side 2), contains some clunkers - the unforgivable Her Majesty, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, and of course Ringo's distinctive contribution, Octopus's Garden. Talking of Ringo, did you know about his addition to the James Bond songbook? Let Ringo himself tell the tale...

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