Thursday 3 April 2014

A couple of things

Well, here's a thing. I actually agree with these MPs about the BBC's coverage of 'climate change' - the Corporation should indeed distinguish more carefully between opinions and scientific fact - but I reach, you will not be surprised to learn, the opposite conclusion: that the BBC's failure to do so has resulted in a relentlessly pro-warmist agenda. This is the same BBC that decided its 'line' on such matters as the result of a high-level closed meeting at which they were assured the 'the science is settled' - by a group consisting overwhelmingly of lobbyists and activists, with barely a scientist, let alone a climate scientist, in sight. They were curiously reluctant to reveal this at the time...
  Enough of that. I recently remarked on the sheer weirdness of our political elite. I was reminded of it again watching clips of the great Nigel Farage-Nick Clegg ding-dong. Clegg, once described by David Cameron (before the enforced love-in) as his 'favourite political joke', retains his mysterious inability to find a suit that appears to fit him. He lives on planet Euro, which is - well, just weird. As for Farage, you might hope that a man who has so far lived outside the political mainstream might be less weird than the rest - but if anything he's even weirder. He has the face of an amphibian and gapes and blinks like one, he stands at all times in the posture of a man in a saloon bar, pint in hand, holding forth. At least he's recognisably human - but the kind of human you'd instinctively edge away from if you came across him, say in the saloon bar. And he wears blazers. Enough said.

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