Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Icarus in the Bathroom

I decided to celebrate my retirement with a razor upgrade (these are big moments in a chap's life). This one, however, turned out to be a mistake. I'd swapped my trusty, basic Wilkinson Protector 3 for the fancier Hydro 3 with its vaunted lubrication system - and am regretting it already. My first two upgraded shaves have left my cheeks and chin spotted with blood and coated in a slimy substance that takes a lot of rinsing off. I'll give it a week and then return, a sadder and a wiser man, to the Protector 3, which I now realise is the ne plus ultra of efficient and reliable shaving. I have flown too close to the sun...
 Meanwhile, over on The Dabbler, I recall a vulgar brawl involving Ernest Hemingway and, of all people, Wallace Stevens.


  1. Ah, Nige, I was just thinking of you and your shaving posts as I performed an efficient, pleasurable - and cheap - shave this morning. Let Forward to the Past be your motto and acquire (or fetch out of the drawer where you left it) an old fashioned, double edged, safety razor. The blades cost the square root of nothing from Amazon and the shave is perfection; with the added bonus of making the whole process feel more chap-like

  2. Recusant - I think you're right! I see the way for(back)ward now...

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