Friday 5 June 2015

The Day Has Come...

Today, after 22 years of relentless toil, I retire from my post at NigeCorp. In keeping with these straitened times, celebrations at HQ will be on a relatively modest scale. The traditional workers' ceremonial marchpast through the gleaming turbine halls will take place without the usual musical accompaniment, the NigeCorp silver band having been stood down. Later, however, NigeCorp's newly formed period instrument ensemble will entertain us, joined by the massed choirs in a range of suitable celebratory odes. Sound the trumpet, strike the lyre, touch the lute, awake the harp, inspire the flute, and while you're about it, see what you can do with the sprightly hautboy... The NigeCorp Bard will don the chiton and bays and declaim a specially composed Pindaric ode, and the workers will respectfully seat themselves for the farewell banquet, limited on this occasion to six course and 12 toasts. After the last of these, I shall deliver my valedictory speech and make my way, with a select group of grateful workers, to the rooftop helipad, where a lone piper will play a fitting lament as I board the NigeCorp executive chopper one last time...
  Meanwhile, back in this universe, I am indeed retiring today from the job I've had for the past 22 years - but only from the job. Life itself will continue - or rather resume - and among the many things I intend to spend more time with is this blog.  


  1. Congratulations, Nige. And a wish for a long and enjoyable life, during which you continue to produce your delightful Nigeness comments and observations.

    All the best,

  2. Good luck Nige!

  3. Good Lord, you scared me to death. For a moment there I thought you were retiring from the BLOG!

  4. Yes Jeff - I too feared the worst, and had an ampoule of cyanide ready. Best wishes for the future Nige - I had hoped to walk the Turbine Halls with you (and see your chopper) before you signed-off, but a clean cut, delivered swiftly, is probably best.

  5. Thanks everybody - I shall return to the fray when I've recovered from my (real-life) leaving do. They gave me quite a send-off...

  6. I'm sure the executive chopper could be summoned from time to time to whisk you to some wonderful places you'll now have the time to explore and enjoy. Best wishes for it.

  7. Freed from the surly bonds of employment at last. Enjoy it Nige and share a little of the enjoyment with us. Well done.

  8. Happy retirement Nige, the back seat of a Shearing's omnibus, the winter fuel allowance and ownership of a bus pass await, as does white water rafting on the Wandle, scuba diving at Carshalton ponds and train spotting on Hackbridge station's southbound platform.

  9. Ho ho - thanks again everybody!

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