Thursday 30 July 2015


David Cameron's use of the word 'swarm' in relation to the large numbers of people crossing Europe in the hope of reaching the gold-paved streets of England has caused some to profess loud vicarious outrage on behalf of refugees. Meanwhile the representative body Voice of the Swarm (motto 'Strength in Numbers') has released the following statement:
 'We protest in the strongest possible terms at the implication that swarming is in any way undesirable or deleterious, or that the word 'swarm' can carry any derogatory meaning. This denormalisation of their behaviour can only cause profound offence to swarming organisms everywhere.'

1 comment:

  1. Last evening the midge, above the burn, were decidedly miffed, as was what's her face, you know, that labour temp. Careful what you say Dave, the legions of the affronted are abroad in the land.