Sunday 5 June 2016

Attractions You Won't Want to Miss

I have, in my time, put up one or two reviews on Trip Advisor, usually as a favour to a deserving restaurant. So I'm used to getting a steady stream of communications from this sometimes useful organisation, most of which are deleted unread. However, I couldn't resist their latest: 'Carshalton attractions you won't want to miss'. Having lived here for a mere 57 years, I was naturally keen to find out which attraction I might have missed.
 I soon found out. The list began, reasonably enough,  with the Grove Park and Honeywood museum, then a couple of pubs - most definitely not the two I'd have chosen - and then, at Number Five... Craggy Island! What? A Father Ted theme park - how could I have missed that?
 Alas, it is no such thing. It's one of those places where children go to climb up walls covered with protuberances ('Yes, said Mr Hackett, there are protuberances and protuberances'*). Such facilities, I noticed, abound in Wellington, where every wall seems to sprout such protuberances for the benefit of the agile citizens. I had no idea Carshalton boasted such a facility, but I think I will list it among Carshalton attractions I do actually rather want to miss.
 Meanwhile, here are Craggy Island's top attractions, as listed on Trip Advisor.
1: The Holy Stone of Clonrichert.
2: Fun Land.
3: The Very Dark Caves.
4: The Chinese Pub.
5: Carshalton.

* Samuel Beckett. Watt.

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