Wednesday 7 September 2016

Madland Latest

Heaven knows, the wonderful world of TV adland has given us all some nasty jolts over the years -part of me is still reeling from this example of musical madvertising at its maddest - but when I first caught Cream's I Feel Free playing under (or rather over) an ad for some kind of broadband device, it was a shaker. They wouldn't - would they? Yes, of course they would - heck, the song's about someone feeling free, just like they do with this broadband thingy. Simples.
It was 50 years ago when Cream's album Disraeli Gears came out, I was but a suburban schoolboy in his GCE year, but that album sounded to me like something from another world - a world in which I immediately set out to immerse myself, with (ahem) mixed results. If anyone had told me then that the stand-out track of that album would end up being used on a TV ad, what would I have said, what would I have thought? Ah, it all seemed so real back then. It would appear we have failed to keep it real, never mind paint it black.
I'm off to the open spaces of the Peak District tomorrow for a few days - cue chorus of 'I-i-i Fe-el Free'...

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