Sunday 18 September 2016


Enough of stinkpipes - tomorrow I'm off to Venice for a week of aesthetic overload in the most beautiful city on Earth. Unfortunately my best strolling shoes came apart at the seams the other day, so I was obliged to look for another pair - Venice is a city that demands stout footwear.
 It was not easy to find anything at all in my size (it never is, not since Clowns R Us closed down), and I was on the point of giving up when I happened on a shoe shop called Deichmann - a new one on me, German I believe. There, finally, I found a pair of shoes of acceptable design in my size - perfect. And the brand name of those shoes was (drumroll, please) Venice.
 I have my Venice shoes.


  1. Perhaps we'll bump into each other! I leave on Sunday for two months in the ancient Duchy courtesy of Airbnb. Two pairs of brogues for me.

  2. Did you know that the Architecture Biennale is on at present based around the Arsenale and the Giardini Pubblichi (amongst all the other treasures of course)?

  3. I see that Deichmann sells a number of styles of shoe under the name Venice. Which did you pick?

  4. Guy - I did indeed notice the architecture Biennale and somehow managed to resist the huge Zaha Hadid exhibition in the Palazzo Franchetti...
    George - my Venice shoes are lightweight borgues in an acceptable grey tone.