Sunday 30 October 2016


Here (with a tip of the hat to Mrs N) is a little Sunday morning music...
Embedded in this Rolling Stone piece is an audio recording is a fine bit of Grateful Dead incunabula, dating back to the days when Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter were embodied as (among other things) the Hart Valley Drifters.
The musical roots of the Dead were deep indeed, and the talent pool formidable. As I get older, I become increasingly convinced of what I only fleetingly glimpsed of at the time - that the Grateful Dead in their heyday were simply the greatest band that ever was.


  1. Which albums should you listen to?

  2. American Beauty and Working Man's Dead are essential. Live Dead for the live experience - and after that pretty much anything, especially from the early days (up to mid-70s, say)....

  3. Many thanks will get right on it.

  4. And History of the Grateful Dead, Vol 1.