Tuesday 8 November 2016

Who Will Win (if anyone)?

With the fate of the Free World hanging in the balance, all eyes naturally turns to Old Nige to discover who's going to win this US Election thing. On this occasion Old Nige can only scratch his hoary head and offer an uncharacteristically hesitant prediction. I think there is still a chance of a Trump win (as I've felt all along), but G-man Comey's speed-reading of 650,000 emails in nine days might just have snatched it back for Hillary. Here's what I fear might happen: La Clinton wins the White House, Trump wins the popular vote. This would be just about the worst possible outcome - more a case of everybody losing than anyone really winning - so let's hope I'm wrong. It's not unknown...


  1. Pretty good prognostications.

    Looks like Trump winning both the electoral college and the popular vote, the the Repubs holding both the Senate and Congress.

    My predictions:

    Slew of celebs vowing to leave US in the event of a Trump win suddenly get very laggardly about getting visas.

    And not much else.

  2. Yep I think you're right there, Skipper!