Thursday, 12 January 2017

Dabbler alert

A book review I wrote for The Dabbler is up today...


  1. Has The Dabbler returned to the blogosphere or did I step into a time warp?

  2. It's still there on Facebook Waldo, but differently constituted...

  3. Egmont's book looks like the sort of thing J.P. Donleavy parodied in The Unexpurgated Code.

  4. Oddly, the link you supplied took me to the mothballed Dabbler website, where your review sat like a shiny new coin on a dusty attic floor.

    As to connecting with The Dabbler on Facebook, uh ..... no. Not my style.

  5. The Dabbler is currently undergoing internal renovations in preparation for a return at an unspecified date. It will be the same but different.

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