Wednesday 4 January 2017

Paper Dennett

Christmas may be over, but here's a gift that goes on giving - your very own paper Daniel Dennett! Imagine having this little chap on your desk, with his jutting beard and paunch, silently reproaching you 24/7 for your lazy thinking, your illusory beliefs, your lamentable all-round failure to be Daniel Dennett. What do you mean, pass me those scissors?


  1. What a gift Nige! I shall post it immediately in a closed Philosophy group in which I participate on Facebook. I regularly participate in Free Will v Determinism debates where Dennett features for his "compatibilist" opinions. For me compatibilist = have your cake and eat it.

  2. I guess I am with you Guy inasmuch as, over the festive season, I have had my cake - and everybody else's. You will doubtless correct me, but this behaviour was voluntary, leaving me 'free, to the extent that my actions were not externally constrained or impeded'. I just wanted to make that clear.