Wednesday 10 May 2017

He takes the bins out

By chance (presumably), the BBC's bizarre interview with Arthur Askey lookalike Philip May, the UK's First Gentleman, took place on the eve of the great Denis Thatcher's birthday (he'd have been 102 today).
 Denis, the only other man ever to have found himself in the unfortunate position of being married to the PM, gave but one public interview, and that long after the fall of Mrs T. It was released after his death as a DVD, Married to Maggie - available on Amazon and even eBay, if you're interested (unlikely, I know).
 How often will we hear from Mr May over the coming years, I wonder? I'd hate to think it's now become part of the job. Good to know he takes the bins out, though.


  1. What's interesting, though, is that, in some quarters, this anodyne twoddle and the appearance of nice boring Theresa and Phillip on the sofa is taken as evidence of BBC bias, the imminent collapse of political discourse in the West and a secret Tory conspiracy to make us all eat our own children. Some people, especially on Social Mejia seem to have lost the plot completely.

  2. You're not wrong Guy - some serious madness out there. I fear things could get rather ugly for a while when Labour receives its inevitable drubbing.