Thursday 22 June 2017

Donald's Dream

Here's Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, quoting John Lennon's Imagine today, a propos his dream of a repentant UK seeing the error of its ways and rejoining the EU: 'You may say I'm a dreamer [twinkly pause] but I'm not the only one.' And here's me quoting the late Fleet Street legend Sir John Junor: 'Pass the sick bag, Alice.'
  Donald Tusk is a distressing enough phenomenon in himself, but Donald Tusk quoting Imagine is beyond endurance. Maybe it's time for the EU to drop the Ode to Joy as its anthem (I'm sure Beethoven would be relieved) and replace it with Imagine. 'Imagine there's no countries, It isn't hard to do...' (Isn't it? I can't even imagine no counties - talking of which, I'm off to Derbyshire for the weekend.)


  1. God, I hate that song! It's so dreary. So much miserable whining. Sorry to sit on the fence about this one.

  2. Yes Guy - but as we learned only the other day, the 'credit' for the mawkish, maudlin lyrics - in fact the whole 'concept' of this piece - will henceforth be shared by the execrable Yoko, a woman so devoid of talent (save self-promotion) that, without her union with the 'mop-top', she might have remained as the wailing banshee I 'caught' one night in London, pre-Lennon, as a warm-up act to the great Ornette Coleman.
    If you are sitting 'on the fence' Guy, then I am sitting there with you.

  3. Thanks for your 'solidarity' Mahlerman. Just noticed Rod Liddle pointing out that the man who penned the line "Imagine no possessions" had a special room set aside just for chilling Yoko's fur coats.