Wednesday 7 June 2017

Election Fever

Here we are then - the day before the Election. As ever, it is Old Nige's melancholy duty to fire up the prognostickation engine and see what emerges...
 Well, it was a stupefyingly dreary and shamefully fatuous campaign - if campaign isn't too strong a word for the shambles the Tories managed to create in their efforts to snatch defeat from the jaws of certain victory. They were so bad they managed to make even the imbecile Corbyn look like a real contender. Having clearly decided to go presidential and make it all about Theresa, they hadn't reckoned with her weaknesses or the fact that the more people saw of her the less they'd like her. Since she opted to sleepwalk through the campaign and her people weren't allowed to get medieval with the Corbynistas, there was no real engagement, and the media events were dismal charades, made even worse by grandstanding journalists. The one time the Tories came up with anything of any substance - their perfectly sensible social care proposals - they failed to defend them and instead went straight into a screeching, gravel-spraying U-turn. This did not inspire a lot of confidence.
 But what will happen when the voters (those of them that can bring themselves to vote) enter the ballot box? I think it will be case of history repeating itself: just as the prospect of a Miliband premiership finally proved too ludicrous to be entertained, so will the thought of JC in Number Ten, only more so. The Tories don't deserve to win this, but the alternative is too terrible to contemplate, so it will be a Conservative 'victory', with an increased majority, but way short of anything that could be called a landslide.
 Lord, I'll be glad when it's all over.


  1. sounds about right Nige!

  2. Yes about right which will mean the whole thing was not far off a pointless exercise