Monday, 25 December 2017


Wishing a happy and peaceful Christmas to all who browse here.


  1. And season's greetings also to you, sir. I imagie Mrs. Ness has preparations well in hand for your Yuletide pleasure. They do like to spend time in the kitchen over the holiday season, don't they. Leaves time for you to write, so don't neglect your loyal listeners!

  2. Thanks Newman. Happily Mrs N and I have reached that time of life when the next generation is obliged to entertain us. And a fine Christmas Day it was...

  3. Well, I am pleased indeed to hear that. Apologies for typos in my last comment but I started on the bourbon a tad earlier than I should have. I raise my glass to you and the younger Nesses as well as Mrs. Ness, and look forward to 2018 and reading more of your commentary on some of the neat, and very old, churches you have over here and the interesting fabrications they contain, as well as your apersus on England and its fine tradition of literary scripture.

  4. Would your wife's Christian name be Loch by any chance Nige?


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