Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Mouse News

Just a quick update before I head out for a walk in deepest Surrey –
Until five minutes ago, the untrappable mouse seemed to have been finally defeated. I had mentioned the problem to my Greek-Cypriot barber, a never-failing fount to wisdom, and he put me on to ultrasonic mouse deterrents. I bought two, plugged them in, and they seemed to do the trick.

Until, just now, a mouse appeared to my right and ran unhurriedly across the room.
This calls for a stiff letter to the chairman of the Acme Mfg Co...


  1. Aha. I wondered if those worked as I wanted to get one for a bean-eating rabbit. The ad sounded so good. As for your mouse, it has been some time since your first reported encounter, and there may well be more than one by now.

  2. I bought an ultrasonic dog deterrent to discourage our neighbour's dog from barking every time I step into my garden. After some weeks of pressing the alarm, it did occur to me that I would never know whether I had bought into a scam because I couldn't hear the alarm, what with it being ultrasonic............