Friday, 25 May 2018

Ten Years

It was ten years ago today that I wrote my first post for this blog. It was about the Eurovision Song Contest, which was still rather fun in those long ago days. Russia had won, and Terry Wogan, of fond memory, was decidedly miffed about the whole thing. Since then I've pretty much given up on Eurovision, but I've no inclination to give up on this blog, so, well – here's to the next ten years!


  1. I'll drink to that Nige - and I hope I'm around, and not taking food in liquid form, in 2028

  2. Thank you for the enlivening blog, Nige, and for the hundreds of hours of enjoyment occasioned by the books, music and art you’ve brought to my attention.

  3. Do indeed keep it up, Nige. Congratulations.

  4. Please tell us that 'the book' will be out long before then - I am so looking forward to it!

  5. Dear Sir Ness, I take this opportunity to write tangencially, so to speak! I have noticed that you have a deep knowledge of popular music, especially of the 60s (dare I hazard a guess that this was the era of your youth?). Since I spent my teeny years in the boondocks and swamps of the southern USA I missed out on your great British groups such as the Wombling Stones etc.. I wonder if you could therefore advise which Brit groups of the 60s I ought to be listening to first if I really pland (as I surely do) to fill this gap in my musical life?


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