Wednesday 18 July 2018

How Not to Leave the EU

Call me a simpleton, but there's something I don't understand about this whole Brexit farrago. Didn't Parliament vote (by a very large majority) to hand over the decision on whether or not to stay in the EU to the people, the electorate, with no comeback and no further process (as per EU law)? In those circumstances, how can it be right that Parliament – which has always been overwhelmingly pro-EU and anti-Brexit (along with the rest of the political, administrative and cultural establishment) – now has a stranglehold on the entire process? This can only lead to a failure to actually leave the EU in any meaningful sense at all. Not that that's a great surprise (at least to the more cynical among us), but surely there was some effective way of getting from A (voting to leave) to B (actually leaving)? Shouldn't it have been an administrative, rather than a party-political, project?
  Never mind – this morning brings news (from arch-Remainer Anna Soubry) that Jacob Rees Mogg is running the country. I do hope she's right.


  1. Im not a conspiracy theorist, but it does feel like the EU-aligned establishment is deliberately trying to thwart the whole thing. The main issue being that we'll end up with a WORSE deal than if they just let everyone get on with it. and they'll be happy to do that just so they can say they were 'right' and the plebs were 'wrong' :(

  2. Jacob Rees Mogg seems to be the most talented politician for some time, I for one hope he plays a role in the government of the near future.

  3. I once admired Soubry for her articulacy and her courage but her vituperative comments directed at Rees-Mogg about people with gold-plated pensions and inherited money seemed the kind of incitements to class and wealth envy and hatred you would have expected from someone on a different side of the political spectrum.....