Thursday 26 July 2018


Two stories ripped from the headlines –

1. The UK's universities confirm what they now are by offering a record 67,915 unconditional places to applicants – up from 2,985 just five years ago. This means that an applicant now has almost a one in four chance of being offered an unconditional place. And you thought universities were about higher education for those qualified to benefit from it? Wake up, grandpa.

2. That delightful fellow Michel Barnier confirms what the EU is, was and ever will be (until its  probably not too distant demise) by rejecting even the deeply compromised 'Chequers agreement'. Time to wake up to the fact that this is theology, not politics, and the only way out is through the door marked 'Danger! Do not open this door.' And you thought Brexit meant Brexit? Ah, if only...


  1. Uni now are about bums on seats, business models and Vice Chancellors competing with the board members of Exxon and BP. Education is a minor consideration. My city has been turned over to ghastly student accommodation high rises painted in garish primary colours.

  2. Dead right Guy. I knew something was up when those ghastly posters started appearing everywhere. When universities start competing for students – any students - rather than students competing for university places, it's all over. Let's hope Oxbridge and the Russell group survive.