Friday, 28 June 2019

Samuel Beckett, Style Icon

I've always admired Samuel Beckett's style, in every sense of the word and every department of life, but I've only just discovered that in the early Seventies he used to sport an 'iconic' Gucci hobo bag as his all-purpose manbag. In this picture, he's wearing it well, with a rugged sweater and corduroy trousers, and looking very sharp indeed as he examines his dark glasses.


  1. I may be contra the cravate but definitely pro the casually shouldered manbag. I expect Beckett's product-placed watch was by Philippe Patek. Great coiffure too.

  2. Quite so, Guy, but there are manbags and manbags – I think you have to be French (or on honorary Frenchman) to get away with a Gucci. My manbags tend to have a vaguely army surplus look...