Monday, 19 August 2019

Flying the Flag

So there I was, strolling through Carshalton Park just now, admiring the avenue of grand old horse chestnut trees in whose lengthening shadows my brother and I played out many an epic two-man 'Test match' (Martinia vs Nigelliana) in our far-off boyhood days. And then I saw it – flying from the top of one of those fine and blameless trees was the flag of Extinction Rebellion! They might not be great on critical thinking, but they clearly have some impressive tree-climbing skills – those trees are tall and complicated and the branches can be treacherous. I've no idea what gave XR the idea of flying their flag from one of them, but, as it happens, before I spotted it I was just thinking that it was high time to fell those annoyingly green trees and get down to some serious fracking. And now I have changed my mind completely, so well done Extinction Rebellion, keep up the good work!