Tuesday 16 June 2020

Does Not Compute

The door of one of our local closed churches, I notice, is now hung with dozens of hearts in various sizes and garish colours, extravagantly signifying devotion to the new cult of NHS worship. To make matters worse, a large notice declares that 'Our Doors Are Closed But God Is Here'. To put it another way, God is here but He can't see you now...

And here's a random, unrelated thought. Just imagine if the spoken word artist 'George the Poet' had been born white, with all the privileges attendant on whiteness: he would surely by now have won at least ten awards, been elected to the National Council of Arts, opened the BBC coverage of the 2018 Royal Wedding, appeared twice on Question Time, turned down an MBE, and become a more or less permanent presence on Radio 4... Wait a minute – er, he's done all that anyway. Does not compute.


  1. We're more privileged than you down here in Southsea. Opposite the D-Day Museum on the Common we have 'NHS' picked out in green shrubs on a pebble background with a floral rainbow above it in various coloured flowers including begonias and marigolds. You can also download from our Council website your own copy of Damien Hirst's gift to the nation - 'Butterfly Rainbow' Bet you're jealous! https://www.portsmouth.gov.uk/ext/documents-external/covid-damien-hirst-rainbow-butterly-poster.pdf