Sunday, 28 June 2020

From the Mad World

Shopping in Sainsburys just now, I was delighted to see that the Argos outlet there is now hung with rainbow-coloured bunting declaring that 'Argos proudly supports the LGBT+ Community'. This was timely, as I'd been agonising for some while over just where Argos stood in relation to the LGBT+ Community, and was quite prepared to take my custom elsewhere if their support was anything less than proud. Now I know just where they stand, I can enjoy their uniquely dehumanised shopping experience with a clear conscience.

Elsewhere in the mad world – to be precise, on a back street of the suburban demiparadise that is my home – three youngish (white) people were standing by the roadside yesterday afternoon, bearing placards stating that 'Black Lives Matter' (and here was me thinking they don't! Thanks for putting me right, guys). They made a rather forlorn spectacle, reminiscent of Father Ted and Father Dougal protesting outside the Craggie Island cinema ('Down with This Sort of Thing'). Mrs Nige, who is more vocal than I am, shouted across at them that they should check out Zuby. I helpfully spelt it out for them, letter by letter. In the unlikely event that they do check him out, they will discover, to their horror, that the very personable Zuby is a rapper and podcaster who, despite his pigmentation, takes an extremely dim view of the Black Lives Matter movement. Can such things be? 


  1. In my street there are two Ls (married, I think) and a G, whilst the chap three doors down has a brother who is a B. Our T is a cross dresser, who has reverted to cis-gender – temporarily, I hope –owing to his dependence on a mobility scooter. (I imagine it’s a bit hard to manage the pedals in high heels.) What we lack is a +. How does one recognise one? Our neighbourhood clearly needs a + in the name of inclusivity. Of course, it could be that we already have one and no-one has recognised him/ it / her. Come on, +s, time to out yourselves.

  2. Great stuff Ingoldsby. Me I had a look at the list of available options and decided to identify as Gender Queer – no idea what it is, but it must be a +

  3. I identify as a Crosspatch.

  4. Ho ho. Yes indeed. They should put it on the Plus list. Take-up might be too great though.

  5. I get confused with the abundance of rainbows. Is it an LGBTQ+ one or an NHS one or a Damien Hirst key worker one? I'd hate to get it wrong.

    I witnessed a 1500 strong BLM march through Southsea on Saturday. They were all kids bar 5%. I mentioned this to an attendant copper. "At least they are passionate" came the stupid reply. Later I watched Policemen ask black kids if they'd had a nice day as they got into their cars.

  6. oh dear Lord – 'passionate' eh? The upper reaches of the police force have been completely 'awokened' (along with the judiciary, civil service, quangos, etc – thank you, Common Purpose) and it's seeping right down to the ranks now. The suicide of the West continues, at a quickening pace...


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