Monday, 26 April 2021

Aubergine Mystery

 Here's a mystery. Suddenly all the aubergines have disappeared from the supermarket shelves, leaving not even an aubergine-allocated space behind. I tried four shops today and not a single eggplant to be found. 
I know there was a bit of a panic earlier in the year when a mighty snowstorm, Storm Filomena, hit the polytunnels of Spain (must be that global warming) and supplies of unseasonal veg were disrupted. But I have  heard of no such event since then, nor of any aubergine blight or crop failure. 
What is going on? Is this, I wonder, the price we pay for Brexit? If I'd only known it was going to come to this, I would of course never have voted for it. It's clearly time to get behind the exciting 'rejoin the EU' movement and reclaim our rightful aubergines. 


  1. According to the crop report on there are no shortages. Certainly, there are plenty here in East Dorset if you fancy a day out.

  2. Thanks Karen, good to know. I wonder what's going on... Anyway, in the event, I found a tray of fine glossy aubergines at my local Turkish food store. I've never been so glad to see an aubergine.

  3. Plenty up here in Mercia!