Wednesday, 7 April 2021


 Sad to hear that the actor Paul Ritter has died, and at the early age of 54. He was one of those versatile, accomplished performers who do great work on stage and screen but never become stars – he probably wouldn't have wanted to be one anyway. He was a brilliant Pistol in The Hollow Crown, the BBC's adaptation of (some of) Shakespeare's history plays. I think he would have made a great Beckett actor had he lived a little longer. As it was, he found fame in the unlikely setting of a TV sitcom, Robert Popper's Friday Night Dinner, where his performance as Martin Goodman, the imperfectly earthed father of the family, was comedy gold, and will long outlive him. There are a couple of compilations of his greatest Friday Night Dinner moments on YouTube, but you need to watch whole episodes to fully appreciate his characterisation. I believe they can be found on All4 and Netflix.


  1. So sad. He was also excellent in Chernobyl.

  2. Yes, so I heard. Of course we only watch old sitcoms and One Born Every Minute here. Oh and Kirsty and Phil...

  3. Haha, well it might not be the time to explore Chernobyl, it doesn't make for uplifting viewing obviously! Amazingly good tho.