Saturday, 15 May 2021


This morning I was startled to discover (via email) that 'Blogger' has deleted four of my posts – quite recent ones – for violating 'community guidelines'. Uh oh, I thought – have I offended against the Woke ethos? Is it all over for Nigeness? No – apparently I've violated Blogger's Malware and Viruses Policy. How might I have done that? And what can I do to avoid offending again? Any ideas? Has this happened to any of you out there? 


  1. Yesterday, Mozilla Firefox would not take me to Frank Wilson's Books, Inq. site, instead flashing up a red warning page that might have done for an Ebola ward. Chrome made no fuss, and now this morning Firefox makes none.

    I suspect that there was a bit of code operating that produced many false indications of malware. Whose code, how run, I can't even guess. Were there images attached to these posts? Maybe the binary content of an image hashed the same value as that of some dangerous executable.

  2. Interesting. It does indeed seem to have been some kind of mysterious blip, as all four 'offending' posts have now been reinstated (or so they tell me – they don't seem to be back yet).
    Thanks George.