Friday, 14 May 2021

Vernal good cheer

 Ah, you might think, glancing at this, he's put up another of those late Manet flower paintings he loves so much. The impression won't last beyond the first glance, as this is clearly not the work of the master. I picked it up this morning in a charity shop (so good to have them open again), recognising it as a copy of one of those glorious Manets that I do indeed love so much. It's not even a particularly good copy – there are plenty of faults, and at least one extraneous mark on the canvas – but it's a spirited attempt, boldly painted, and full of vernal good cheer. It catches something of the spirit of Manet's original, if not its technical brilliance. I couldn't resist it, especially as it was priced at a mere eight pounds. I shall get it framed and find somewhere to hang it.
The painting it copies is this one...

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