Wednesday 1 July 2009


Good news from the heart of Europe - legislation on misshapen fruit and vegetables is to be relaxed. But not, note, the infamous directive on banana curvature - which, we were always assured by Euro types, was entirely mythical, a figment of the Eurosceptic imagination. It is all very confusing... But never mind - the return of comically misshapen vegetables will undoubtedly add to the gaiety of the nation. I just hope Esther Rantzen is not inspired to revive That's Life.

1 comment:

  1. god please no!

    I cant decide whether it was Rantzen I hated most, or the three misshapen people on bar stools who read out letters in horrible creepy radio voices

    However, they could bring it back if they agreed that every programme was just a half-hour loop of that dog saying 'sausages'