Tuesday 11 August 2009

A Heartening Survival

It's somehow reassuring that, in times when all around is changing at bewildering speed, some things stay resolutely the same. This ad, consisting of a chunk of filched copy slapped down in the clunkiest layout available, with a photo that was dated even when it was taken, has turned out to be, in terms of longevity, the most successful newspaper ad ever (probably). So much for the pretensions of the big-money big-ego con artists and bullmongers of the advertising 'profession'.


  1. heehee I always like his slightly quizzical (some would say 'simple') expression

  2. It's testimony to the progress in our schools.

  3. Compare that with Ryanairs ads..'come let me lie to you and pick your pocket'
    Madmen, a series that just got better and better with age sort of gives an insight, how the leeches live.
    Noticeable lately on Nige and Brits blogs is the deafening silence from the direction of leather on willow.

  4. malty - as an advertising + marketing man myself (though hopefully not a "big-ego con artist and bullmonger") I think its interesting how everybody (including me) gets up in arms about the ryanair advertising - yet still pays for the tickets!!! -goes to show that behavioral advertising (like low prices) is far more effective than branding!

  5. Worm, Ryanairs success is probably due to the punter putting up with appalling levels of service simply because for them there is no alternative, a good analogy would be the abuse of the ratepayer by local councils, Hobsons choice, try not paying council tax, once those people for whom this was the only realistic form of travel knew this company existed then the advertising became immaterial.
    No one in their right mind would use them if their was a viable alternative.
    Because of the closeness to our final destination we used them for a while 10 years ago flying to Hahn, in the Hunsruck, Europe's most fogbound airport.

  6. This has to be the greatest ad ever for a language school.