Wednesday 12 August 2009

Keep Your Eyes Peeled...

Here's a book rummager's dream - coming across a copy of this. It would be rather wonderful if some day someone does turn one up. It's still more wonderful that a piece of juvenilia should have such a market value, purely on the grounds of its author's reputation and its ultra-scarcity. But that's bibliomania for you...


  1. Two million quid? That is impressive. I'm just thankful I held onto all my old school books. I knew all that doodling would eventually pay off...

  2. Someone sitting not one million miles away at this moment is a serial biblio. Thats fine except, it also extends to cookbooks, everything, and I mean, everything from Ma Beeton thro' Paprika Cranberry Venison to the latest lot of les enfants terribles. T'was Elizabeth David that started her on the road to ruin. The timid suggestion "can this one go to the book sale" brings out the Boudicea outfit plus chariot

  3. I like the comment:

    Barney Bonecrackle said...

    I found a copy of Et Tu Healy and wiped my Unicorns arse with it.

  4. What's the Buddy Bolden cylinder worth?