Thursday 27 August 2009

Wurzel News

The campaign to rename Bristol Airport after 'Somerset's answer to Jimmy Dean' - Adge Cutler - seems to me a capital idea (I wonder if Brit's behind it?). It certainly beats John Lennon and Robin Hood (a son of Sheffield? really?). How about naming Manchester Morrissey International (heaven knows you're miserable now)? Or Newcastle Eric Burdon Airport (you've got to get out of this place)? Ect, ect, as N. Molesworth would say...


  1. Oh I'm 110 - no, 120 - per cent behind this one.

    The airport is actually in a place called Lulsgate Bottom, which would also be a fine name, but the trend is of course for local celebs, so that gives us:

    Derren Brown Airport
    Banksy International
    Terminals Wallace (arrivals) and Gromit (departures)

    Most other things in Bristol are named after IK Brunel or Cary Grant. Both dull dull dull, though Archibald Leach International has a certain ring.

  2. Ha! Wonderful news. I love Adge. The Wurzels were never the same after his tragic death. They became, for want of a better word, 'twee' and caricatures. The early Wurzels had an edge, which I never expected to find.

  3. How about "Madge Cutler International Airport" as a nod towards gender equality in a very real sense?

  4. I think they should have a big sign at the airport that says

    'Welcome to Bristol, the home of slavery!'

  5. I would have thought such terrible puns beneath you, Nige.

  6. I've got it...

    The Justin Lee Collins Transatlantic Aerodrome.