Friday 18 December 2009


You can always rely on the weather gods, with their quirky sense of humour, to put on a cold weather spectacular just as we mortals are exercising ourselves with maximum solemnity over 'global warming'. With any luck, the delegates to the Copenhagen conference will find themselves snowed in, their fleets of limos standing idle, their squadrons of private jets snowbound on the runways of Scandinavia... Over here, the blizzards, whiteouts, snowdrifts and white hell scenarios painted for us Londoners by the Met Office didn't quite live up to the billing. It was - and is - very cold, that's for sure, but only a couple of inches of snow fell in my neck of suburbia, and scarce any at all in town. It was, of course, enough to bring the trains to a near-standstill and create the usual travel chaos - the infrastructure of London being so frail (wait till 2012...) - but at least, as we trudged through the snow and slush or stood waiting hopefully on frozen station platforms, we could warm ourselves with the thought that, over in Copenhagen, that nice Mr Brown was giving away billions of our money to corrupt power elites in the Third World - sorry, helping developing countries to adjust to the impact of climate change. As Scott Walker said, 'Copenhagen, you're the end.'


  1. I'd guess the Danes may shortly be saying "Jonah Broon you're the end" as a catastrophe overtakes their country in the wake of his visit. They may need every cent of those billions to rebuild the place. It's too bad Broon can't be persuaded to work his magic on our enemies rather than on our friends.

    I expect you're right, though: the folks who'll be breaking out the champers will be the Swiss bankers who deal in those oh so private numbered foreign accounts.

  2. Scott Walkers "only myself to blame" from the bond movie "the world is not enough" comes more to mind with Gorgon Doom.