Thursday 31 December 2009

The Decade in a Haiku

The newspapers have for weeks been full of lengthy attempts to sum up the low dishonest decade that is now closing, with endless lists of key events, key books, films, records, best of this, that and the other (on one such TV show counting down the Best TV programmes of the Noughties, as the decade is perhaps fittingly called, No 1 turned out, bizarrely, to be Top Gear, a show from the 70s now well past its best). It seems to me the decade could be summed up much more concisely - in a haiku. Here's one, and it doesn't even use all the available syllables. I'm afraid it's not very cheery...

One thing happened.
The towers burnt and fell.
The rest, noise.


  1. Fires aplenty burned:
    Twin Towers, LHC, bush.
    Wrong sort of warming.

  2. I have been moved to compose a haiku in honour of your auspicious posting!

    Old crow in winter.
    Yes, it's grumpy Jonah Brown.
    Boom! Now crow fritters.

  3. Thanks for summing up all the best-of lists - I was wondering why I hadn't heard of anything on anyone's lists.

    Here's a more cheery variant of your wonderful haiku:

    Nothing much happened
    I started up my own blog
    The world screamed softly

  4. Thank you - and that one of yours, William, would have done equally well for my decade!

  5. Excellent haiku that, Nige.