Saturday 12 December 2009

Victor McLaglen

I somehow missed the anniversary of Victor McLaglen (b 1886) the other day. My father, who'd been a bit of a boxer in his youth, always had a soft spot for the old pugilist turned actor. Here's McLaglen in action in John Ford's classic She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. They don't make them like that any more - either the films or the actors.


  1. Mclaglen's life really was a packed programme, in every sense. His portrayal of the brother in law 'Squire Danaher' in The Quiet Man was for me his finest hour, in a movie that is probably my families all time favourite, regardless of age. Alongside him were two of the finest character actor's Hollywood ever produced, Barry Fitzgerald and Jack MacGowran, who went on to play the crazy Prof Abronsius in Polanski's finest, The Dance of the Vampires. McGowran's performance is arguably the best piece of character acting of all time in a much underrated movie.

    The Quiet Man notable for being one of the few movies that appeared in a cameo role in another..ET

  2. Oh yes McGowran was wonderful (as is Dance of the Vampires). A great Beckett favourite he was too...