Tuesday 27 April 2010

Serious Money - for Poetry!

Talking of literary prizes, I heard this poetess interviewed on the World Service in the small hours. She has, I'm afraid, a rather harsh and unattractive voice but a powerful delivery, and she certainly deserves serious respect and admiration for ignoring death threats and carrying on regardless. She actually won the judges' vote, but the Great Saudi Public had other ideas. Look at that prize money, though, and weep, all aspiring poets. Why such huge prizes? It seems the Arabs value their poetry very highly indeed, and the ruler of Dubai is himself a keen and prolific exponent of Nabati poetry - here's an example of his work. I hope it has lost something in translation.


  1. "a rather harsh and unattractive voice but a powerful delivery"

    Sounds rather like Freddie Truman.

  2. Probably looks rather like him too, but I guess we'll never know what's behind the veil...

  3. Doubt it, Nige. It was always Freddie's contention that a fast bowler needs a big bottom.

    Not totally sure if award-winning poets need a big bottom but I don't believe that she has.

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