Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Oddly - synchronistically? - just after publishing the post below, I was idly scanning Saturday's Telegraph Review and came across this. Clearly David Miller also believes that for several decades our women novelists have made a far better fist of things than the men, but he sees it, interestingly, in terms of the women reflecting larger horrors in the outside world 'so much better than the men'. Why so much better? Perhaps because they have reflected those horrors with subtlety, delicacy and (often) humour, unlike such clodhopping 'great writers' as, say, Ian McEwan.


  1. Perhaps many male novelists feel under more pressure to innovate in terms of form.

  2. You might be right about that - to be innovative in many different ways - but I wonder where the pressure comes from?

  3. PS - "Oddly - synchronistically?..."

    Ah Nige, I see you're a stickler for the correct use of 'ironically' too... :)