Friday, 23 July 2010

Born on This Day...

... in 1777, the mystically inclined Romantic artist, colour theorist and friend of Goethe, Philipp Otto Runge. His work - especially his painting of The Hulsenbeck Children (above) - obviously had a huge influence on the very strange and beautiful illustrations in Maurice Sendak's Outside Over There. Haunting's the word...


  1. I always learn something when I read your posts. Just looked up 'colour theory' and the search came up with this curiously fascinating stuff. Colour/color confusion led me to this even more curious site with colours in the enchanted language of Italian. Children's sites are usually the most fun - in any language!

    PS Fleeting glimpse of a butterfly yesterday - hurrah! Unidentifiable as it flitted by so fast.

  2. Hopefully his colour theories were less wonky than Goethes, not his strongest subject and the cause of much mirth among his contemporaries.