Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Raining Rabbis

I stepped out onto Kensington High Street at lunchtime and it was raining rabbis - well, they might not have been rabbis, but they were all in that 18th-century black-coat-and-homburg outfit (not a good look - flowing robes, with equally flowing locks and beards, would be much more impressive). They were everywhere, but most concentrated behind a flimsy crash barrier as near as the cops allow to the Israeli Embassy - yes, they were protesting against Israel, which, their placards declared, is not a Jewish state but a Zionist state, is anti-Torah, therefore anti-Jewish, therefore should be done away with. Funny old world.


  1. Akin to taking time off work and joining a right to work march. Since the beginning of the Blair-Brown slump protest marching standards have plummeted, say what you will about Maggie, she did create the highest quality of barricade mounters, even though they were covered in coal dust.

  2. Agreed Malty. The big one of our time was of course the anti-Iraq London jamboree. I thought at the time, and still do, that they were all having far too much facepaint and drum-banging fun for people demanding the protection of a genocidal dictator.