Wednesday 15 December 2010


I'm sorry, but the sight of Mark Stephens, the egregious Julian Assange's lawyer, irresistibly puts me in mind of Jonathan Miller's description of Paul Johnson as looking 'like an explosion in a pubic hair factory'. Probably the only funny thing (of his own) Miller ever said...


  1. Apparently he was mocked by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show the other night. I didn't see it myself but looking at him on the steps of the court yesterday, I did wonder if he's now playing up to image of the eccentric Englishman.

    It's like hiring Max Clifford as your publicist, hiring this joker always makes me question a person's sanity.

  2. Dear Santa,
    Please may I have for Christmas..the entire Assange sideshow sent into outer space.

    PS, if you could arrange for Pilger never to return it would be much appreciated.

  3. I understand what people are saying here, but in a world full of gray bland bankers who have driven my country bankrupt and thrown people into the streets, it's kind of a relief to see a Dickensian character.

    Of course Dickens also was canny enough to write about the gray bankers....