Tuesday 21 December 2010

A Good Thing (or Two)

As snow and ice maintain their frosty grip on Bbrrritain, there's no doubt what this December's must-have, can't get accessory is - it's a pair of these babies. Every time one of the half dozen outdoor shops on Kensington High Street gets a consignment in, they sell out in a couple of hours. By pure chance, I managed to get a pair, but haven't been able to get any more since. I can report that they work a treat, though they're not the most elegant addtion to a chap's footwear (I might have to have my spats extended to conceal them). Whereas before I was liable to skid and fall all too easily, I now skip o'er ice and snow like the sure-footed chamoix, laughing at danger...
There's an upside to all this weather too - by putting a stop to so much unnecessary activity, expecially shopping, it's at least slowed down the usual consumer frenzy and in many ways simplified Christmas, reducing it to something nearer its essentials. Nature, with which there is no arguing, has at least opened up the possibility of relaxing and resigning yourself to a smaller, simpler Christmas - and that is surely a good thing.


  1. As long as you can actually get to your family for that smaller, simpler Christmas.

    This weather, I hate it hate it hate it, because, I've realised, my entire lifestyle depends on my car.

  2. Those mini crampons (pavements for the use on) work a treat Nige, plenty still available in Globetrotter, unfortunately in Köln. The only downside is walking like a Geisha.
    Hope the boiler estimate was less than ten grand and installation before Xmas, 2011.

    Brit, try mushing, dogs average 8 tins of Kennomeat per 100 kilometres.

  3. Yes Malty, they're murder once you're off the snow/ice - in fact they probably cause as many falls as they prevent. The boiler estimate was strangely cheap, and installation promised for Thursday. I'll keep you posted as to how things actually turn out.

  4. I recently recommended this very same thing and I was roundly mocked by members of my blog.

    I suppose it comes down to the man. You're clearly a man who can carry off the cravat and crampon whereas I end up looking as ungainly as Brian Blessed puffing his way up the North slope.

  5. unfortunately all my small simple presents that I ordered online for my family are still in a sorting office somewhere :(

    I was admiring some of those crampons only yesterday! Definately handy should anything kick off down the Dog and Duck